Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Come the holiday season I stock up my shelves with the items I need for my baking,
I've inherited recipes, methods, and more to make holiday treats for the taking.

When they come into my kitchen they know by the smell that the season has finally come,
For the wafting aroma of cookies doth tell, and the stain of the flour upon my thumb.

In my kitchen the memories of Christmas long past come alive with each item I make,
From my grandmother's meatpies that I alone craft, and meme's pumpkin bread that I bake.

Happily shared traditional delicacies that evoke such memorial hunger,
I shall treasure these recipes all of my days until passed along to one much younger.

Yet for now I create, making family treats, only pausing to let the dough leaven
And I hope that when all of the baking is done that the scent makes its way up to heaven.

This Challenge was about Holiday Traditions. I don't remember exactly what the Challenge question stated, though.


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