Monday, March 30, 2009

Ornamental Sacrifice

Surrepetitious stalker, I,
In search of perfection, find you.
Waiting in the shadows nearby
I softly edge up behind you.

Weapon in hand, yet uncertain,
I caress your soft, trembling limbs
Hesitant to pull the curtain
For what now seem like merely whims.

Yet duty calls, a harsh mistress,
Demanding your young sacrifice
Regardless of my own distress,
Dismissive of the heavy price.

I grit my teeth and go to task,
Rending with the blade's serration.
I hurry, time is fading fast;
They wait with anticipation.

Finally, with your undoing
I pray your soul flies fast and free,
Soon your beauty they'll be viewing
So merrily: our Christmas Tree.


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