Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

Each year we plan extensively
New tricks for Halloween,
And so we scheme exhaustively
Our annual routine.

We run the local haunted house
And running it is easy,
The trick is finding ways to make
The horrors real, not cheesy.

We go to local horror shops,
And stores with real antiques
And dress the house up creepily;
It stays that way for weeks.

But each new year we top the last
By finding different things
Like sending down a witch by rope
That cackles as she swings

And that is how, when on my quest,
I came upon this vision,
I borrowed from the home this chest
(Ok, without permission)

I needed to be sure I’d fit
So took it to this field
When I got in, I’m sure the lid
Was not completely sealed.

My plan, it seems, has backfired,
Yet they’ll catch on, I’m hopin’,
Or else I’ll surely die in here
This coffin will not open!


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