Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Must Be Dreaming

I lay and watch you dreaming
With your little tumbles to and fro
I think upon the dreams we’ve shared
And those still yet to come.

Like the time you told me
Unabashed in nightmarish honesty,
That you had dreamed I’d died.
I remember the tears in your eyes as you woke,
Remember holding you,
Kissing those salty memoirs of my death away
(Shhhhh, honey, I’m here, I’m fine)
Until you shuddered no more.

I, too, have dreamt your death,
And woken to find you holding me,
Telling me it’s just a dream
(It’s just a dream, love, be still)
Plying you with kisses
And a crushing embrace

I lay here now, still watching you sleep,
And think upon the dreams we’ve shared,
Together since the day we met,
Never sullied or sundered like so many others

I think of how you care for me when I’m sick
And make me chicken noodle soup
And how the only time I truly sleep
Is with you by my side.

I watch you lost to Morpheus’ enticements
A slight smirk upon your face

I laugh to think of all the times I’ve heard about
How long we’ve been together
Longer than many married couples
The spark of jealous disbelief in their eyes
And I wonder

How I ever won this lottery in life

You are my dream
My past, present, and future

And so I pull the blanket up to cover you a little more tightly
As you let escape a content sigh
That is all I need, and more than I could ask for.

To be so completely consumed by love for you after so long . . .
I must be dreaming.


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