Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How Much Is A Million Pounds?

It turns out I'm a millionaire
Soon as the check is cashed
A relative I never knew
Was in a plane that crashed

I found this out by email, see,
It happens all the time,
Like when I won the lottery,
A million pounds. Sublime!

The funny thing, I think you'll find,
Is this time's not the first
These ne'er seen relatives of mine
Their type of luck's the worst!

They're scattered all around the Earth
(In pieces now, it seems)
And left me many times my worth!
Enough to live my dreams!

The only thing contemplative
About these new bequests
Is that these wills from relatives
They come with odd requests!

Why do they need my bank account?
A check will do just fine.
Why send it all in small amounts?
Isn't the money mine?

And one thing I've sincerely learned
Through this affair insane
Is when in Africa, be warned:
Don't ever go by plane!

Inspired, of course, by those damnable spam emails!


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