Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Perhaps, though, I shouldn’t be bothered as much
By silly mistakes in spelling,
By little abuses of grammar and such;
They interfere in the telling.

It’s lazy not to learn the “to, too, and two’s,”
And hardly acceptable form
To not know the diff’rence ‘tween “loose” and “to lose,”
Yet commonplace errors are norm.

The number of errors with "their," "they're," or "there"
Increasingly seem to get worse
When reading they cause one to just stop and stare,
And just interfere with the verse!

Perhaps it's just me, but I find it a chore
To read of a character's hurt,
Yet only to find, upon reading some more,
He was stranded in the dessert,

So please, if you would, good sir, madam, or ma’am,
For all of the effort it took
If you just don’t know what the right usage am
Then please look it up in a book.

This was a bit of a ranting piece I wrote after reading atrociously ill-formed poems.


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