Monday, April 13, 2009

Weeping Muse

Weep, Muse, and shed summation--
Betrayed by lesser station,
Left swimming in frustration:
Keep my heart nestled, and weep.

Flail, rage in ways most unkind,
'Til justified response find,
And then, with your path refined:
Keep my mind able, and deep.

Strike, Muse, make the mountains shake,
Stir sufficient vengeance, quake
Until Midnight's tears we slake:
Keep me rapt in your passion.

Breathe, exhale dawn triumphant,
Rise, and with calmer voice, vent,
Loose mighty visions, bent
On my growth and construction.

And forgive, Muse. Future calls,
Not Intent to echo halls
Of deaf minds--and vengeance palls:
Dispatch these bold distractions.

But first, Muse, for loss must steep,
Tears as salve for souls' scars deep,
Held soft in memory's keep:
Tomorrow we write. Now weep.


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