Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Taste Of Chardonnay

Savoring wine I did not drink,
Your kiss leads me gladly toward temptation—
Sacramental testament to your
Confessional eyes

Such kisses,
Evidence that God hears our whispers,
Passionate pleas, and crying ecstasies
Lead to trembling touches,
Tender blessings which I gladly tithe.

Deliverance springs from
Savored temptation.

Our communion—
Spirits and bodies merge,
Forms entwine as souls unravel—

Whispering silent blessings
We craft our own ceremonies
In bursts of light and heat—
Tender fever sanctifies commitment
With gasping confirmation.

Let others seek The Rapture;
We speak of Bliss
Found in a taste of Chardonnay.


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