Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Each Branch A Memory

I love the Christmas season with its twinkling little lights,
Stockings hung and gifts under the tree,
Whose ornaments bring memories of erstwhile Christmas nights
Playing games with all the family.

Young and old would gather round to feast and celebrate
Playing cards and watching football games,
Helping younger cousins set up toys or make a plate,
Taking pictures meant for future frames.

But everyone is older now, or moved away, or passed--
Tradition's hard to hold when we're apart--
The young have grown up, having their own families at last,
Some we only Christmas with at heart.

Reflective now, I glance upon the pictures on the tree,
The portrait ornaments of Christmas past,
And smile to know the Christmases the future holds for me;
Branches holding memories to last.


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