Friday, September 9, 2011

Terza Rima: Heat, Measured in Candlepower

When shadows dance upon an amber wall,
The light suffices not to shame their play
Nor countenance the cause of shadows' fall

For light itself compels the shadows stay.
Intrigued by this arousing circumstance,
The candle flickers, teasing interplay

To tame the wall on which the shadows dance
And would distract the lovers from their cause
Were they not so compelled by love's own trance

Their passion cares not for physical laws,
As two are lost in each other entire,
Unbound by light and uninclined to pause

Their show compels observance by that fire,
That light and feeble flicker of the flame,
Which watches shadows prosper and perspire,
To never think of heat the same again.


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